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Guardian Premium Pine Shavings Horses-store.comSaddlebred : A M E SADDLEBRED DAILY R I SATURDAY ….

A M E SADDLEBRED DAILY R I SATURDAY AUGUST 27, 2011 WORLD’S CHAMPIONSHIP HORSE SHOW NEWS AND RESULTS FROM FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 2011 C A N Photos (clockwise from top left) by Ross Millin, Gayle Strickroot, Howard Schatzberg, Shiflet, Schatzberg, Schatzberg, Shiflet and Schatzberg. American Saddlebred – The only publication distributed to all ASHA Members! VOLUME 29, NO. 3 MAY/JUNE 2011 • $5.00 SADDLEBRED SADDLEBRED A M E R I C A N OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE A M E R I C A N VOLUME 29, NO. 2 MARCH/APRIL 2011 • $5.00 AMERICAN SADDLEBRED HORSE ASSOCIATION, INC. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE AMERICAN SADDLEBRED HORSE ASSOCIATION, INC. Photo by Ross Millin Promote Your Breed Purchase an Advertisement In Your Breed Association Magazine! It’s Vital for Promoting Saddlebreds! Photos by Jen Corcoran / E motion Photography Issues Tailored for Every Type of Saddlebred Fan March/April (Convention coverage), May/June (Pleasure issue), July/August (Horse Show issue), Kentucky State Fair Dailies, September/October (KSF issue), Reference Directory VOLUME 27, NO. 5 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009 • $5.00 VOLUME 28, NO. 5 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2010 • $5.00 Color regular: $695 Camera-ready: $630 Black/white: $460 SADDLEBRED SADDLEBRED A M E R I C A N A M E R I C A N OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE AMERICAN SADDLEBRED HORSE ASSOCIATION, INC. OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE AMERICAN SADDLEBRED HORSE ASSOCIATION, INC. 2009 2002 1987 Merrill Murray Contact Dede Gatlin today to reserve your spot! (859) 539-2389 cell (859) 475-1463 office (859) 259-1628 fax Jamie Donaldson Make 2011’s September/October Kentucky State Fair issue the best ever! Equestrian Life Promoting Breed By Michelle Krentz Lexington Junior League Horse Show.

Equestrian Life is a social networking An Equestrian Life crew filmed on site at the show, at the ASHA offices, American website for horse lovers, but it is also a Saddlebred Museum, and at various company with a strong promotional team.

Equestrian Life has partnered with farms in the Central Kentucky the American Saddlebred Horse Associa- area.

Speakers and interviewees included extion (ASHA), the United Professional hibitors, owners, Horsemen’s Association (UPHA), and trainers, and enthusithe American Hackney Horse Society asts from every as(AHHS) to promote the American Saddlebred and Hackney in a way they have pect of the American Saddlenever been promoted before.

Bred and Hackney Teaming up with Equestrian Life has world.

These shoots given Saddlebreds and Hackneys a chance to have their own television show have culminated in on HRTV.

The Internet campaign Eques- ten short videos, and what will be a 30trian Life has set up for the breeds may minute television show be just as exciting as the television show.

About American Saddlebreds By visiting, a and Hackney horses and ponies.

Graphic with a Saddlebred and a HackThe program is already proving to be ney with the caption Learn to Ride and a huge success.

Many videos already Drive in Style is easily seen on the centerpiece of the page.

There is also a “free have well over 1,000 visitors, just counting the viewers of the videos on the lesson” tab on the navigation bar near Equestrian Life website.

Equestrian Life the top of the page.

By clicking on the President and Co-Founder Deana graphic or the tab, visitors to the site are Berquist is impressed with the response, taken to

Saying, “We have never seen such a quick From here visitors can view a 30-secresponse to a set of videos.

It is clear to ond commercial about the Learn to Ride us at Equestrian Life that and Drive in Style promothere is pent up demand tion.

The page features an and excitement about the attractive header of various “For too Saddlebred and Hackney Saddlebreds and Hackneys, long we breeds, and that the videos a photo gallery, direct links have marketed our and all of the comments to the UPHA, AHHS, and ASHA, a way for Facebreed to ourselves — about them are providing a way for people to exbook users to “recomEquestrian Life, like press this passion.” mend” the page, and even the USEF Network, The television show, a download center which gives us exposure which will debut on enables downloads of the HRTV in October, will Learn to Ride and Drive in well beyond our also be up on the EquesStyle logo, ads, and other own borders, and trian Life website in Seppromotional materials.

The that is what will grow tember, to ensure that as real draw to this page, many people as possible however, is the free lesson.

The breed.” First visitors can see a list — Judy Werner, are able to view it.

According to Berquist, of participating trainers, ASHA President “The piece will take the and then they can schedule viewer on a journey begintheir appointment, and ning with the history of the breeds to print out their coupon.

The free lesson how to get involved, its versatility, and promotion will run from August through will culminate with the ‘supermodels of October 2011.

The show ring’ depicting the Ferraris and The videos of the American SaddleMaseratis of each breed.” breds and Hackney Horses and Ponies The Learn to Ride and Drive in Style were filmed throughout the week of the promotion officially started on August 1st, but there has already been a huge interest in the program! ASHA President, Judy Werner, is excited for ASHA to be involved in a program that will be promoted to the general public. “For too long we have marketed our breed to ourselves — Equestrian Life, like the USEF Network, gives us exposure well beyond our own borders, and that is what will grow the breed,” said Werner.

Bret Day, President of UPHA, is happy to see ASHA, UPHA, and AHHS teaming up. “For the first time the UPHA, ASHA, and AHHS have come together to market our wonderful horses and ponies outside of ourselves and to give people access to our wonderful product.

It’s an exciting time for people already involved in the breed and for people who will hopefully be getting involved in the breed,” said Day.

Aside from Equestrian Life’s promotion of the program on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, ASHA, UPHA, and AHHS are aggressively promoting the program though social media.

But as ASHA members, you can help to promote the breed, too, by sharing the wonderful videos of our breed and the free lesson opportunity with your friends and family.

There are already almost 80 barns participating listed, but there is still time to sign your stable up.

Visit for more information about the program and to sign up.

Saddlebred and Hackney enthusiasts should make sure to tune in to HRTV in October, as well as in September, to view the Equestrian Life television show all about their favorite breeds.

Also, if you haven’t had the chance to yet, you should definitely watch the videos about the American Saddlebred and Hackneys; they will truly make you proud! “ World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 1 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 Youth Make Glitzy Golf Carts American Saddlebred Horse Association Youth showed off their considerable artistic skills at this week’s 108th World’s Championship Horse Show by taking part in ASHA’s Golf Cart Decorating Contest, sponsored by Dr.

And Mrs.

George Raque.

A variety of categories from glitziest and best horse theme to zaniest and your horse’s name gave youth the opportunity to imagine and decorate anything.

ASHA Youth were eager as always to show off their passion for the Saddlebred breed.

Enjoy a look below at some of the winning youth and their golf carts.

Winners received caps and $25 to spend at the American Saddlebred Museum gift shop. Monet Harrison of Rick Wallen Stables won first place for ages 13 and under in the Your Horse’s Name category honoring Radiant Revival.

Her brother, Myles, is not pictured. Photo by Germaine Johnson Photo by Thelib Ians ASHA Youth Committee Chair Germaine Johnson and ASHA Senior Program Administrator Brenda Newell with Cashlyn Lovell of Lovell’s Little Bits and Cash Lovell Stables, winner of first place for ages 13 and under in the Glitziest category. Photo by Germaine Johnson Holly Hein of Cardinal Farms won first place for ages 13 and under in the Best Horse Theme category. Photo by Germaine Johnson Photo by Germaine Johnson Lyla Wroble of Country Meadow Farm won first place for ages 13 and under in the Zaniest category. Allie Wellington from West Wind Stables won first place for ages 14-20 in the Your Horse’s Name category for Prom Dress. World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 2 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 ASHA Unveils New Online Shop for Stylish Saddlebred Clothing A new online Saddlebred Store is now available from the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA), offering a variety of custom Saddlebred apparel.

This new online Saddlebred Store, which is available on includes various items bearing the ASHA logo.

Whether sporting a Saddlebred cap, hoodie, vest, or full fleece jacket, any of these items is a great way to look stylish, while also showing your pride for the American Saddlebred.

Items currently offered are available in men’s, ladies’ and youth sizes, with additional apparel and merchandise likely to be added in the future. Previewing the upcoming American Saddlebred magazine ASHA’s September/ October issue of American Saddlebred magazine will have in-depth editorial and pictorial coverage of the 108th World’s Championship Horse Show, as well as a special article on horse color.

The American Saddlebred Registry is putting together resources to make the color identifying process easier than ever for breeders.

To read about this year’s World’s Championship Horse Show and about the new color resources, make sure to read our next issue. KSF Junior Judging Results Photo by Germaine Johnson This year’s Junior Judging contest, sponsored by the United States Equestrian Federation, attracted 46 participants on Tuesday and Friday.

Winners received ribbons.

First place in ages 13 and under received a show bridle from R.E.

Fennell Co.

And ages 14-20 received a framed James Crow print. Ages 13 and under 1.

Samantha Stratton, Roanoke, VA 2.

Caroline Gomel, Omaha, NE 3.

Juliana Mills, Latrobe, PA 4.

Joey Ellington, Princeton, WV 5.

Adam VanEss, Verona, WI 6.

Grace Smith, Mt.

Washington, KY 7.

Claire Badgley, Chattanooga, TN 8.

Lia O’Bryan, Louisville, KY Ages 14-20 1.

Laura Tovar, Delafield, WI 2.

Erica Ellington, Princeton, WV 3.

Jerrah Biggerstaff, Lee’s Summit, MO 4.

Delynn Uttecht, Omaha, NE 5.

Tory Gray, Louisville, KY 6.

Claire Sorge, Eagle, WI 7.

Rebecca Doss, Salem, VA 8.

Anna Hudson, Shawsville, VA World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 3 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 A Champion Retires Evan and Mary Marcum Orr celebrated the success of 2008 and 2009 Three-Gaited World’s Grand Champion CHOur Charming Lady upon her retirement Friday night. Photo by Jen Corcoran / E motion Photography ASHA Honors Recipients of 2011 Youth Scholarships Youth Scavenger Hunt Winners Honored by ASHA Amy Cedrone excitedly called her mother after winning the ages 13 and under division of the ASHA Youth Scavenger Hunt.

This year’s scavenger hunt attracted 48 participants.

It was a great opportunity for youth to meet “Saddlebred Celebrities” and collect some cool prizes.

The winner of the ages 14-17 division was Erica Ellington.

There was a tie in the ages 13 and under division with Cedrone and Joey Ellington winning.

Lia O’Bryan won the grand prize drawing and received a Flip camera donated by Redwing Farm. Photo by Clara Clayton Shiflet photo ASHA’s 2011 Youth Scholarship recipients were honored in center ring on Friday night.

Pictured from left to right are: 1) ASHA Youth Committee Chair Germaine Johnson. 2) ASA of Alabama scholarship recipient Dabney Hofammann of Birmingham, AL, who is an incoming freshman at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa, where she plans to major in Biology and go into Pre-Medicine. 3) Elizabeth Wildenberg of Manitowoc, WI, who will attend the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, enrolling in the Pre-Occupational Therapy program. 4) Elizabeth Harris of Elon, NC, who will attend North Carolina State University, where she will major in Animal Science. 5) ASHA Youth to Youth Scholarship recipient Krystal Murphy of Goodrich, MI, who will attend Michigan State University majoring in Kinesiology. 6) Caroline Rose Buiel of Newburyport, MA, who has completed her freshman year at William Woods University, majoring in Equestrian Science.

Not pictured is Hannah Vandeventer of Paradise Valley, AZ, who will attend the University of Arizona where she will major in Communications. World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 4 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 Thank You to the Organizers and Sponsors! From the American Saddlebred World The Kentucky State Fair Board Marcheta Sparrow, Governor’s Representative Ronald Carmicle, Chairman, Louisville Mike Libs, Vice-Chairman, Philpot Challenge and Perpetual Trophy Donors Friends of Jim Aikman Jeff Bartlett Family Dr. & Mrs.

Simon Fredricks Laura C.

Cunningham John Nix Jr.

Family and the Robert Wilson Family Friends of Vernon Bettersworth Ralph Bailiff Anne Sadler-Newton Mr. & Mrs.

Raymond Shively Margaret Durant John & Charlotte Wrather Horse World Magazine Meg Salmon Riggins & Burton D.

Salmon Friends of Ralph Hunt Sidway Jr.

Friends of Susan Phillips Swindler Family Joan Hamilton & Barbara Thomas Friends of Hurley B.

Gould Dale J. & George W.


Whiting Dodie Brown Karen E.

Jones George & Jo Ann Kurz Friends of K.


Gutridge Miss Julie Garlington Cheardon Acres Mr. & Mrs.

Edward B.

Jenner Friends of Frank C.

Bradshaw George & Jo Ann Kurz Mr. & Mrs.

Judson Large Miss Jolie Richardson Hollander Farm, Ltd.

Patricia A.

Wheeler Golden Creek Farm Miss Jane W.

Meyer Cheryl R.

Lutring Juel Carman Family Famiy & friends of Maria Knight Allen C.

Phillips Vernon Wise & Rufus Duff Families Laura C.

Cunningham Family of the Charles R.

Crabtree Friends of Jane Mueller Family & friends of Roz Harris Dr. & Mrs.

Simon Fredricks Laura C.

Cunningham Friends of Helen K.

Crabtree Friends of Jim B.

Robertson Rachel Wolford Vetter Lynn McNamara Richard, Lynn & Matthew Williams Phillipa Sledge Mr. & Mrs.

Steve P.

Robey and Mr. & Mrs.

Bill Woolums Family of Sallie B.

Wheeler Misdee Wrigley Family of William M.

Munford, Jr.


Kay Horst Turner Mr. & Mrs.

Irving Cowan Mr. & Mrs.

Steve Macfarlane Paul, Sally Jo, Rob & Paula Jo Briney and Polly, Marc & David Holm Glenview Farm Family & friends of Ann Sibley Ruby Maldonado Family Damewood Family Susan & Timothy Whitaker Laura Jordan, Linda Jordan Meadows and the Jerome and Helen Jordan Family Friends of J.

Miller McAfee Cedarwood Farm McGinnis Family Friends of “I’m A Big Leaguer” Mrs.

Lynn A.

McNamara Marsha, Gary & Devon Garone Marilyn Fields Macfarlane President & CEO – Harold Workman Lanny Greer, Manchester Ann McBrayer, Lexington Steve Pence, Louisville Fred Sarver, Paris Tom Schifano, Louisville Happy Valley Farm Douglas C.

And Jody H.

Malcolm Hank & Lynn Snowden Becker Brothers, LLC/ Equestrian Outfitters James W.

Orr/ Wrapped In Rainbows Farm Paula F.

Schmidt Willow Wind Saddlebreds LLC/ The Raque Family Dr.

Ron and Linda Hendricks James & Holly Nichols Split Decision Farm/Undulata Farm Crystal Creek Farm/ Carl & Kathryn Nichols Lenore Farms/ John & Dorothy Lenore Middendorf Farms/Garland and Sidney Middendorf Toni Nastali Paula F.

Schmidt Crumpler Stables, Ltd.

Margaret & Marge Strano Toni Nastali Biff Tannen Tammie Kale/Grassy Run Farm Suzanne Bradshaw Ventura Farm Rodney Hicks Stable Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Mid-MO/Dr.

Michael and Chris Bell Kaplan Doug Shiflet Photography The Family of Bill Bridwell James & Jackie Hale Merrill & Bonnie Murray/ Merlin Farm Brenda Myers Kelly Lukens Stables BlueBonnet Farm Memory Lane Farm/ Jim & Jenny Taylor High Hickory Farm/ The Deknatel Family Mike McIntosh Stables Reagan Equine/Dr.

Ginger Reagan Roselane Farm/Ricky D.

Cook B&T Vonderschmitt, LLC Pamela Long/Long-Vue Farm Forever Farm/Liz McBride Jones Grace Arnold Debra Hagerman-Rogers, DVM Karen Waldron & Shawn Ricci Mrs.

Thomas Groub Knollwood Knockouts/ An American Saddlebred Horse Association Youth Club Butler Development Co./ Deborah Butler Cash Lovell Stables & Riding Acad.

The Mount Family/ David & Kelly Mount Pidgeon Roost Farm Minna Hankin Livestock Show Service Affaire De Coeur Farm/ Dr. & Mrs.

Robert G.

Mossman Steven E.

Chancellor Family Ever Glades Farm Thelib Ians Landon and Sarah Rowland Monnington Farm Horses and Hope Hallston Manor, LLC/ Supreme Heir Stake World’s Championship Horse Show, United States Trotting Assoc., American Road Horse and Pony Assoc., Elizabeth Caldwell, Pat Cropper, Kennedy Harness, Judd Law Firm, Anna Jane Cave, Glendale Marshall Coyle, Owingsville Richie Farmer, Commissioner, Ky.


Of Agriculture Gib Gosser, Somerset Class Sponsors Tré & Emily Lee/Prospect Lane Toni Nastali Fennell’s Horse Supplies Blevins Farm Southern Venture, Inc.

Hollow Haven Farm/ Andy & Lynda Freseth Ray Yoder & The Allen Family Richard & Anita Simpson Infinity Stables/ Helen & Jimmy Robertson Sam & Vicki Reed Customers of Bellview Acres Larry Ella/Ella Stables Zubrod Stables, Inc.

Lanny Judd/Judd Law Offices Barbara Matthews TSE/Tattersalls DeLovely Farm, Inc.

Gayle Lampe/William Woods Univ.

Tichenor & Associates, LLP Melinda Moore/Arrowhead Farm Neace Lukens/ Plamp-Keen Insurance Willowbank Farm Nancy Leigh Fisher Cairns Farms, Inc./ Dr. & Mrs.

Scott Cairns Lowry Stables, Inc.

RFB Farrier Service Rigby’s Green Farm Pat McConnell & Nancy McConnell Feeders Supply Co.

Paul Richardson Allison Combs and Mr.

And Mrs.

Jimmie Shires Don & Judy Harris Joellen Fisher Blount/ Melinda Moore Don & Phyllis Brookshire Sleepy Hollow Farm/Bonnie, Caitlin, Courtney & James Carson Howard Ainsley Farm, LLC/Billy Jarrell Murphy Training Stable/ Bobby J.

Murphy Larry & Daryl Gilpin/LVG Stables Cornerstone Stables/ Their Clients and Friends Customers of Chestnut Lane Dr.

Margaret McNeese Toni Nastali Kalarama Farm Silver Brook Stables/Debbie Foley Double D Ranch, Dena & Dave Lopez Callaway Hills Stable Hill View Stables Ryan Teater/Biederman Real Estate Fred & Karen Sarver/Cornerstone Denessa and Randy Harper Mercer Springs Farm, LLC The Carman Family/ Juel, Patti, Andy & Amy Majestic Oaks Hackney Louise Myers Allen/All Well Farm Johnny Lucas & Sons Stables, LLC Ms.

Rebecca Boorstein/ Equilateral Enterprise, Inc.

Rosemont Manor Farm/Dr.

Nancy Trent and Dr.

Gary Crump Gib Marcucci Stables, Inc.

Jon Walker Stable, Inc.

Rick Wallen Stables, LLC Cedarwood Farm, Inc.


Robert Hupp Howie Schatzberg Singing Hills Stable/ William Blacklaw Linda Lowary/Edgewood Farm Dr.


Scott Smith, Dean, UK College of Agriculture William B.

Tolle, Maysville Steve Wilson, Louisville Mary Gaylord McClean/ Golden Creek Farm, Myriad Systems, Inc., Dr.

Robert Pugh, Helen and James Rosburg and Raymond & Lillian Shively/ DeLovely Farm In memory of Albert E.

Dix Bob and Tonya Brison High Spirits Farm Emmett Lathrop Brown Becker Brothers, LLC/ Equestrian Outfitters Cross Creek Stables Jeff McClean Stables Hallston Manor LLC/ Supreme Heir Stake Lawson Creek Farm, The Tatar Family Blythewood Farms, LLC/Anne Neil American Hackney Horse Society Roselane Farm/Ricky D.

Cook Country Meadow Farm/ Michael & Dale Arnston Sandra Surber Dr.

Fred and Pam Morgan & Family Boone’s Farm & Stables Debbie Gabbert Paula F.

Schmidt F.

Lea Needles Carson Kressley High Hopes Stables/Beth Jones Cedarledge Farm/ Rick & Lynn McNamara Reynolds, Redlhammer, Herrera Families Roger and Mary Ann Pardieck American Road Horse & Pony Association, Inc.

Golden Creek Farms/ Mary Gaylord McClean Roselane Farm/Ricky D.

Cook Kaye Bowles-Durnell Tri Color Ventures, Inc./ Priscilla Marconi Fox Grape Farms, Inc.

Glendale Stables LLC Barbara Goodman Manilow Somersdream The HoneyBaked Ham Co.

Of Ohio Frickey Farms, Inc.

Skyline Stables Goldie Wilson Belle Reve Farm Cornerstone Stables/ Their Clients & Friends Don Judd Stables Martin McFly Woodstock Farm Donna Zimmerman Karen McClure & Tamra Arndt Charles T.

Jones Pidgeon Roost Farm Dr.

Robert and Melissa Flint and Family Poser Farm/Marcy Lafferty Matt Shiflet Stables Silver Mane Media/The International Show Horse Magazine Hillcroft Farm/ James & Misdee Miller Karen Mayer & Linda Fischer East Belmont Farm/ Ceil & Kenny Wheeler Majestic Oaks Hackney & Sandra Surber Elisabeth Goth, LLC Glenmore Farm North Star Farm/ Doris Hermes Crumpler Elisabeth Goth, LLC The Goodman & Manilow Families Trophy Donors Bebe Olcott Mrs.

Marie Stopher Michael O’Keefe, Gerald and Amanda O’Keefe Murchison Old Stone Inn Barbara Ann Willoughby-Pease and J.

Les Pease Given in Honor of CHHocus Pocus Dominocus Kentucky Association of Fairs & Horse Shows Winner’s Circle Horse Supply, LLC, Shelbyville, TN De-Lovely Farms, Inc.

South Central Hackney Assoc.

Marsha de Arriaga LLC Brown-Anderson Farms, LTD Dr.

John Stutts Jim & Cynthia Farris/ Cove Creek Farm Doug Shiflet Photography/ Mr. & Mrs.

Doug Shiflet Clover Leaf Stables DeVore Stables Light Farms Premier Stables LLC/ Rob & Sarah Byers Cheryl Friedman Jeff & Janet Sterba Tayler, John & Debra Hurtswalters Stephany Monteleone Robert & Lisa Duncan Merlin Farm/Merrill & Bonnie Murray Burlington Saddlebreds LLC Midwest Saddleseat Consignment Burlington Saddlebreds LLC Gib Marcucci Stables, Inc.

Penny Lane Farm Ingleside Farm/Heather Boodey Cash Lovell Stables & Riding Acad.

Howard Schatzberg Photography Crockett Springs Farm Rock Creek Riding Club Ceil & Kenny Wheeler Bent Tree Farm, Ltd.

Brooke & Jane Jacobs Photography In memory of Mildred H.

Stewart Krussell Stables Jeff McClean Stables Noble View Farm/ Jack & Alexa Noble Mr. & Mrs.

Richard K.

Williams & Family Stephany Monteleone Brad Seacrist Blythewood Farms LLC/Anne Neil Phillipa Sledge Nell & Jack Puls Martha Keck Gayle Lampe & Avis Girdler Willowbank Farm Judy & Hilary McNeish Callaway Hills Stable Tamarack Farms Mary & Evan Orr Mr. & Mrs.

Jack Buttrum DeRegnaucourt, Ltd.

Custom Riding Apparel Iko ‘Jitz’ Fujitsu Stephany Monteleone Long Hollow Farm LLC & Rachel Seifert In memory of Joan Timmons by her family & friends Ellie Reese Gault Kildow Stables/Steve & Bill Kildow DeRegnaucourt, Ltd.

Custom Riding Apparel Flynn Family Susan McMenamy McFadden & Michael McMenamy and sculptor Sally McClure Jackson Leslie Cox Jennifer Robinson Silver Lining Stables/Mrs.

Lee Miller Friends of Randy Tabor Friends of Frank C.

Bradshaw Family of Mr. & Mrs.

John H.

Costello Linda Lowary Mrs.

Jamie Davis Crabtree Helen & James Rosburg and Ali DeGray Reynolds, Redlhammer and Herrera Families LeCheval, LTD Mrs.

Jack Addison, Jackie & friends Bill & Diane Hammack Friends of Peggy Richardson Mr. & Mrs.

Judson Large Phillipa Sledge Melody Adler Sagamore Farms, Ltd.

Bryan Quinsey Jeanne F.

Pettry/Royal Scot Stables Friends of Irene Zane Susi Rambler Day Nancy & Bill Becker Friends of Dale Milligan Friends of Nick McGowin Ronna, Herbert, Bradley & Landon Zimmer Mr. & Mrs.

Raymond E.

Shively Mr. & Mrs.

Edward B.

Jenner The Salmonsen Family Barbara Hendrickson and Beth Bidon Krueger Biggins, Boggs, Leibert, Lavery, Montoya Families, Jim & Jenny Taylor and Jerilynn Demaree Family & friends of Maria Knight Susan, Nancy & Jennifer Turner Family & friends of Tony C.

Ray Friends of Ben Newman Alice Lyda and Kathleen Berger Michael & Amy Dix Rock Albert E.

Dix Family Golden Creek Farm Ceil & Kenneth Wheeler Jr.

Jean McLean Davis/Oak Hill Farm Friends of J.


Ragsdale The National Horseman Walter & Jackie Stred The late Mrs.

Virginia Eady Williams Allen C.

Phillips Family Galbreath and Kurz Families Mr. & Mrs.

Ira Smith & Family Rack & Cue Billiard Supply Co.

Mr. & Mrs.

Kenneth Wheeler Sr.

Melissa and Melinda Moore Dr.

Bing Crosby, Dorothy & Nicole Crosby UPHA Chapter 9 Kathy Capsuto-Walker and Anna Lee Walker Marsha De Arriaga, LLC UPHA Family & friends of Ed Becker Ken Philpot Walter J.

Bush Mrs.

Kit Glenn Gene Adams/Seaview Farm Berenice Brackett Mrs.

Jean McLean Davis and Mr. & Mrs.

Charles T.

Fisher Dodge Stables J.


Young In memory of Chris Reardon Valhalla Farm/ Bill & Chris Wise Koller Farms/Jim Koller World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 6 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 A Special Thank You to the Staff of the 108th World’s Championship Horse Show We would like to offer a special thank you to our unsung heroes, the World’s Championship Horse Show Manager and Staff, who make the show a success year after year.

They are: OFFICIALS & STAFF Horse Show Manager: Scarlett Mattson Director, Exposition Division: Office Staff: Sandy Felty, Janice Sego, Trophy Assistants: Dorothy Dutel, Paddock Announcers: Austin Waggoner, Corinne Fetter Office Manager/Coordinator: Carrie Schueler Layout Design: Tomi Thorn Allen C.

Phillips Family/ Alpha-Sun Stables In memory of Susan Phillips & CHLucky Draw Penny Lane Farm Rogers-Daub Family Kierson Farm — Michael & Jessie Richardson Crockett Springs Farm Frickey Farms, Inc.

Cater Stables/Kristen & David Cater Southern Venture — Bud, Cindy & Dakota Willimon Milward Dedman High Caliber Stables Redwing Saddlebred Farm LLC The Kurz Family/The Honey Baked Ham Company Happy Valley Farm High Hickory Farm/ The Deknatel Family Larry Wilson Meadowlake Farm/ Mr. & Mrs.

Carl T.

Fischer Jr.

David & Kelly Mount Bill & Ann Cannon Aurora Farms/Melody Adler Sally & Joe Jackson Leatherwood Stud/ Ann Tierney Smith Sally & Joe Jackson Mr. & Mrs.

John Conatser Bonnie Johnson, Lisa Anderson, Linda Holtzmann, Sandy Backer, Kristin Horlander, Christina Murrell, Sarah Edrington, John Greathouse Ring Tabulator-Ring Clerk: Beth Snider Stall Manager: Scott Snider Stalls/Gate: George Holtzmann Gate: Don Baker Stalls: Mike Butler, Dewey Bass, Clay Johnson, Gary Waggoner Trophy Director: Charlotte Kurtz Charles Walker Ribbon Assistant: Ethan Roetman Sponsorship Coordinator: Cathy Stumpf Farriers: James Quiram, Marty Watts Photographers: Howie Schartzberg, Mary Ann Pardieck HORSE SHOW JUDGES Robert Gardiner, William Greenwall, Randy Harper, Euchee Matthews, Cindy Mugnier, Jack Noble HORSE SHOW OFFICIALS Announcers: Peter Doubleday, Peter Fenton Jeff & Chris Thompson/ Saddle & Bridle Magazine Glenn & Joyce Wilson Tom Erffmeyer and Elisabeth LeBris — Heartland Tradition Simmons Family Long Hollow Farm LLC & Rachel A.

Seifert Mary Rall Claude & Alice Shiflet Elisabeth Goth LLC/ Elisabeth M.

Goth Lowry Stables, Inc.

George Anne & Jim Nash Show Horse Magazine Friends of H.

Leon Sargent Rose Arbor Farm, Joellen Fisher Blount Germantown Charity Horse Show United States Trotting Assoc.

Dorothy G. “DD” Dutel Banks Enterprise/Ann B.

Moorhead Michael Craghead Rigby’s Green Farm LLC Jeff & Janet Sterba Stone Ridge Equine Care LLC Cunningham Golf Car Company John Cummins Golden Creek Farms, Inc.

Jeffery Schab & Wade Giles Virgil Helm Stables LLC Carol Hillenbrand Doug Shiflet Organist: Gene Wright, Ringmasters: Kent Moeller, John Frye, William G.

Whitley, III Horn Blower: Steve Buttleman Stewards: Dorothy Trapp, Stacey Wright, Matt Kwapich Veterinarian: Dr.

John Moran Video Production: Richfield Video Family & friends of Walter D.

Murphy Long Hollow Farm LLC & Rachel A.

Seifert Redwing Saddlebred Farm LLC Kelly & David Mount Dr.

Amy Rock/ Rock Equine Chiropractic Bill, Martha & Bart Hemminger Stephany Monteleone Jack Magill Stables Georgia Herpin Baker Westwood Farm & Clients Jay, Jean & Collin Wood The Bluegrass Horseman Jerry & Debbie Tolliver/ Blue Grass Farm Corky Sachs Fox Grape Farms Glasscock, Inc./Mary Jane Glasscock Kirkpatrick Geraldine S.

Meanor, M.D./ Finisterre Farm Beaver Brook Stables/ David Cunningham Jennifer Roberston Alice Nunley LLC/Wonderland Farm Kaye Bowles-Durnell Mrs.

Barbara Tway Partlow High Hickory Farm Koller Farms/Jim Koller ASHA Valhalla Farm/Bill & Chris Wise Equine Services, PSC/ Dr.

Scott Bennett Carl Fischer Stonecroft Farm James & Holly Nichols Kenneth Wheeler & Family Phillipa Sledge The Good Habit Showtime Saddlebreds & Academy: Greg, Nicole & Travis Reason Debonaire Stables The McGinnis Family Chuchwell’s Jewelers American Hackney Horse Society Zubrod Stables, Inc.


Clare Seagren/ Veterinary Acupuncture Stephany Monteleone Rock Hill Farm North Wind Stables Northern Tradition Farm Stonecroft Farm Frickey Farms, Inc.

Winner’s Circle Horse Supply Gold Leaf Farm, Inc./ Mike & Nancy Spencer Shamrock Farms/ Julianne & Ashley Wilson Commotion! Consignment Riding Apparel Old Stone Inn Richfield Video In memory of Ruth H.

Dix Bebe Olcott Premier Stables LLC/ Rob & Sarah Byers Matt & Ashley Wittig Black Horse Manor/Jannie Giles John Wallen Stable Crystal Creek Farm/ Carl & Kathryn Nichols Copper Coin Farm Harold B.

Morgeson Dr. & Mrs.

Simon Fredricks Crockett Springs Farm Linda Fischer Wheeler Lisa A.

Schlesinger Golden Creek Farms, Inc.

Sunrise Stables New Millennium Equine Endeavor, Inc.

Mercer Springs Farm LLC De-Lovely Farms, Inc./ Mr. & Mrs.

Raymond Shively Long Hollow Farm LLC & Rachel A.

Seifert Crockett Springs Farm Riverdreams LLC Winner’s Circle Horse Supply Southern Venture, Inc./ Bud, Cindy & Dakota Willimon Bill & Mary Lynn Whitley Pidgeon Roost Farm Pidgeon Roost Farm The McGinnis Family Bridget McNeese Woodstock Farm/ Mr. & Mrs.

Carter Cox Rose Marie Wheeler Silver Brook Stables Heck and Carol Newton Michele Macfarlane Charlotte, Brad & Addison Kurtz Jenny Robertson Queenwood Stables LLC Danette Musselman Crockett Springs Farm Monnington Farm Jon & Melissa Snider Mitchell E.

Clark/ Mitchell Clark Stables Barbara Hendrickson & Beth Bidon In memory of CHHavana Cabana Knollwood Farm Ltd.

Carson Kressley Golden Creek Farms, Inc.

De-Lovely Farms, Inc./ Mr. & Mrs.

Raymond Shively Susan, Brian & Shelby Reimer Dr.

Owen Weaver Crockett Springs Farm Kentucky American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association The HoneyBaked Ham Co.

Of Ohio James Mather Miller Stonecroft Farm World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 7 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 Saturday Morning Classes Beginning at 9 AM 214 ASB Country Pleasure Driving Championship 215 ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Rider 14-17 Years Old Championship 216 Junior Harness Pony Championship 217 Equitation: Kentucky Rider 17 Years Old & Under 218 ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Rider 14-17 Years Old Championship 219 ASB Junior Park Pleasure Championship 220 ASB Adult Three-Gaited Country Pleasure Championship 221 ASB Junior Exhibitor Three-Gaited Show Pleasure Rider 13 Years Old & Under Championship 222 ASR National Three-Year-Old Futurity: Three-Gaited Park Pleasure Finals: Class 124 (if necessary) 223 Three-Year-Old Fine Harness Mare 224 Junior Exhibitor Roadster Pony, Driver 14-17 Years Old Championship 225 ASB Junior Exhibitor Park Horse Three-Gaited Championship 226 Roadster Under Saddle Championship 227 Three-Year-Old Fine Harness Stallion or Gelding 228 Roadster Pony To Wagon 229 ASB Park Three-Gaited Championship Saturday Night Classes Beginning at 7 PM 230 Ladies Three-Gaited Championship 231 Roadster Pony World’s Grand Championship 232 Ladies Five-Gaited Championship 233 Amateur Three-Gaited Championship 234 Fine Harness World’s Grand Championship 235 Harness Pony World’s Grand Championship 236 Three-Gaited World’s Grand Championship 237 Roadster To Bike World’s Grand Championship 238 Amateur Five-Gaited Championship 239 Hackney Pony World’s Grand Championship 240 Five-Gaited World’s Grand Championship American Saddlebred Daily To inquire about advertising in American Saddlebred Daily or on ASHA’s webcast of the World’s Championship Horse Show, please see one of the individuals below, e-mail or call (859) 259-2742.

Celebrate your horse’s accomplishments with all of American Saddlebred’s readers. Paula Johnson Executive Director/ Registrar Brice Carr Marketing and Comm.

Manager Jen Corcoran Photographer Patricia Edwards Sr.

Registry Associate/ Program Mgr. Dede Gatlin Advertising Manager — Publication Production Manager Gayle Strickroot Photographer William Wood Jr. Technology Manager Registry Jr.

Program Sr.

Program Associate/ Administrator Administrator Competitions Saddlebred Center Freedom Hall Main Concourse, West of Ramp to Arena Telephone: 502-815-6991 / E-mail Once again, Saddlebred Center is the hub for all things associated with the American Saddlebred Horse Association and American Saddlebred Registry during the Kentucky State Fair World’s Championship Horse Show.

Staffers are available to assist members, and a computer is available for members to check e-mail and the Association’s website.

Saddlebred Center is located on the concourse, across from the elevator in the southwest corner of Freedom Hall.

It’s just off the crossing between the paddock and the show ring where horses enter. Press releases to your hometown newspaper Help promote the breed with a press release to the newspaper in your community.

World’s Championship Horse Show participants interested in having their hometown newspaper informed of their accomplishments during the week should stop by Saddlebred Center.

Forms are available so you can provide the necessary information to enable the Association to send a news release to your local newspaper. While every effort has been made to avoid mistakes in this publication, the American Saddlebred Horse Association assumes no liability to anyone for errors.

Necessary corrections will be published in the issue following verification of any error. World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 8 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 World’s Championship Horse Show Results and Judges’ Cards | 9 | Saturday, August 27, 2011 A DAY AT THE 108TH WORLD’S CHAMPIONSHIP HORSE SHOW Class 178 Junior Exhibitor Hackney/Harness Pony Pleasure Driving Championship (9 Entries) 1.

Nashville Cat 25941 G 2004 Merrywill’s Gemini X Spirit Elegance Owner: Lisa McMackin &/or Charlotte Goodman, Mt.

Washington, KY Breeder: Timothy &/or Marla Buerkley, Brooksville, KY Trainer: Maureen Campbell Competitor: Rose Marie Wheeler 2.

Pacifico’s Standing Ovation 130430S G 1994 Sandman’s Pride X Reedann’s Rain Date Owner: Brown-Anderson Farms Ltd., Plainfield, IL Breeder: Alvin & Barbara Tighe Rotter, Malibu, CA Trainer: Lynda Freseth Competitor: Zach Meyer 3.

Honest Impression 12533S G 1998 Impression X Sweet Honesty Owner: Amy R.

Weiler, Crystal Lake, IL Breeder: Alan R.

Raun, D.V.M., Cumming, IA Trainer: Mayo Moctezuma Competitor: Garrett Weiler 4.

Red Sox Nation 25695 G 2007 Mastercraft X Amigo’s Angel LF Owner: Donna White, Fitchburg, MA Breeder: Daniel B. &/or Leah Rae Light, Barrington, IL Trainer: Rodney Hicks Competitor: Joseph Harrod 5.

Seamair Dear Sir 21022 G 1998 Dun-Haven Awesome Creation X Seamair Dear One Owner: Rose Marie Wheeler, Anchorage, KY Breeder: Mary Dell Pritzlaff, Santa Barbara, CA Trainer: Jessica Richardson Competitor: Olivia Schumacher 6.

Once Upon A Time (CAN) M4202 G 2000 Seventh Heaven (CN) X Minuet’s Classy Chassis Owner: Nancy M.

Lassiter, Plano, TX Breeder: Jean M.

Oxley, Richmond, Ontario Trainer: Mike Felty Competitor: Mollie Kregor 7.

Cherry Royale 22122 G 2000 Cherry’s Dream Boy X Reedann’s Lydia Owner: Rainbow Princess Farms LLC, Oklahoma City, OK Breeder: Mary Gaylord McClean, Simpsonville, KY Trainer: Lillian Shively Competitor: Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes 8.

Heartland Moon Shot 24657 G 2005 Sky King X Heartland Evening Silk Owner: Joey &/or Erica &/or Sharon Ellington, Ripplemead, VA Breeder: Darrell & Sandra Kolkman, New London, IA Trainer: Andre Fourie Competitor: Erica Ellington Photo by Jen Corcoran / E motion Photography Mark and Jackie Manzo enjoying Friday’s events at the 108th World’s Championship Horse Show.

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